Jewelry at Terra Verde

Ayala Bar

In the late 1980's Ayala Bar surfaces as a prominent Israeli jeweler. Her current designs blend natural elements and glass with assorted metals and fabrics to create a rich mosaic, resulting in the most intricate, limited-edition pieces.



Chipita Accessories has been designing and producing jewelry in Southern Colorado for over 40 years. The owner and main designer, Joan Eagle, loves searching for all the incredible pieces used in the jewelry. She enjoys finding the most beautiful gemstones, antique glass, interesting metals, silver, vermeil, copper, brass, etc. and then blending them into a piece of jewelry that will be lovely, functional and classic.



Firefly offers handmade, intricately embellished artisan jewelry, and specializes in innovative colors, mixes and meticulous workmanship. Their designs are elegant, yet whimsical, and sparkle with the use of Swarovski crystals.

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Nakamol is a Chicago-based handcrafted jewelry brand offering fashionable jewelry designs at reasonable prices. Combining natural elements such as leathers, silks and genuine stone beads sourced worldwide is what creates the signature Nakamol style.


Angie Olami, Roman Glass

Angie Atkins is the designer behind the Angie Olami line. From her travels and research, she has designed sterling silver jewelry collections based on the ancient languages, symbols, and cultures of Israel, Mesopotamia, Greece and medieval Florence. The 2,000 year old shards of roman glass used in Angie Olami's jewelry come from the roman empire and were unearthed in Israel at ancient city sites.  Each piece is hand cut from different fragments making the pieces truly one-of-a-kind. 


Additional Jewelry Collections We Carry

We carry over 65+ different artists, including ALEX AND ANI, Anju, Anne Koplik, Art By Any Means, Athena Designs, B.U., Cool and Interesting, Emily Somers, Far Fetched, iNk, JStar Jewelry Designs, Kristina Collection, La Vie Parisienne, Mickey Lynn, Michael Michaud, Original Hardware, Patricia Locke, Red Bench, Shlomit Ofir, The Island Pearl, Union Studio Metals and many, many more!