Colorado Artist Spotlight: Meet Red Bench Jewelry


Red Bench jewelry is hand-forged by designer Jackie Barr in her workshop in Denver, Colorado. In honor or our local artist trunk show going on through May 12, we asked Jackie a few questions to learn more about her, and her works of art! See below!

1. In just 5-10 words, how would you describe your jewelry? Bohemian, Eclectic, Classic, Modern, Ageless 

2. What is your favorite material to work with? It's so hard to pick one material!  I guess it is a tie between forging copper and carving wax for castings.  


3. What qualities do you look for when selecting materials? When I am searching out new gemstones I look for unusual colors and stones cut in unexpected shapes.  I always try to find top quality natural stones from reputable mines and gem cutters.  I have a serious weakness for turquoise! 

4. Where do you get your inspiration? Often I am inspired by a particular person in my life and I design with them in mind.  That is why many of my designs have a name attached to them. I am also inspired by nature and all of the beauty it contains... the colors and patterns in landscapes, the night sky, birds, animals.. Colorado provides limitless inspiration. I hope to create objects that speak to different people for many different reasons.

5. What advice would you give a customer when it comes to jewelry? When buying jewelry as a gift it is important to pick a piece that catches your eye right away.  I find people love to get something that the giver feels excited about and will evoke memories of them when they wear it.  Animal totems and favorite colors are a great starting point as well!

6. What is the most rewarding part about being a jeweler? I love making something by hand and knowing that it becomes a meaningful token for someone. To help people create memories associated with an object my hands crafted, is a beautiful thing.  The highest honor is making wedding bands... Such a wonderful way to use my skills to create a very personal and sacred piece.

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