Colorado Artist Spotlight: Meet Jstar Jewelry Designs


Jstar Jewelry Designs is owned by designer, Jessica Starnes. Her story is near and dear to us as Jessica used to work right here at Terra Verde! Jessica founded Jstar Jewelry Designs after several friends and coworkers asked to purchase creations right off her neck, and of course, Terra Verde was her first official client. 

Jessica designs and manufactures every piece of her collection in her Colorado mountainside studio, a location that overlooks the Pikes Peak Region from a stunning 9,000-foot vantage point. We sat down with Jessica, and asked her a few questions:

  1. In just 5-10 words, how would you describe your jewelry? Simple, Feminine, Casual, Easy-to-wear, Timeless

  2. What is your favorite material to work with? All the beautiful gemstones!

  3. What qualities do you look for when selecting materials? My main focus when choosing stones and planning designs is color.  Each season I research upcoming apparel color trends and then design my collection using gemstones that compliment the “in” colors.

  4. What advice would you give a customer when it comes to jewelry? If you struggle with metal allergies but really love a particular artist’s work, contact them to see if they can modify your favorite design(s) to suit your needs.  Just because I usually work with brass doesn’t mean I can’t make something in sterling silver/gold/non-metal/etc… It’s always worth asking!

Check out Jessica’s extensive collection at Terra Verde today!