Colorado Artist Spotlight: Meet Bloom Jewelry


Nationally-acclaimed Bloom Jewelry is based in Denver and was the recipient of Fashion Group International’s “Rising Star” award. All Bloom pieces are designed in their Denver studio and manufactured in the USA. We recently interviewed our rep, Stacy McElhany-Rodgers, to learn more about this great line.

  1. In just 5-10 words, how would you describe your jewelry? Elevated, everyday jewelry that transitions regardless of what you have planned.

  2. What is your favorite material to work with? It varies from season.  Right now we are really into working with chains!

  3. What qualities do you look for when selecting materials? Quality is of the upmost concern since we stand behind our jewelry for the lifetime of each piece, but we look for stones/materials that are new, exciting and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

  4. Where do you get your inspiration? We do a lot of color trend research before we create a new collection, but inspiration comes when we find the new stones that work within those color stories and our wheels start turning. 

  5. What advice would you give a customer when it comes to jewelry? Love what you wear and spend more on what you plan on wearing every day.  The quality will pay for itself.

  6. What is the most rewarding part about being a jeweler? Working with a team of women that care about and support one another and creating a product that help women feel good about themselves and gives back to our community.

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